Diffuser Bracelet - Hope

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Bring a greater sense of calmness with this lava stone and blue sponge quartz stretch bracelet.


This stretch bracelet features blue sponge quartz and lava stone. Blue sponge quartz is believed to be a calming stone inspiring hope. Lava stones are porous natural volcanic stones. They are perfect for aromatherapy diffusing. Simply add 1-2 drops of your favourite pure essential oil directly onto the lava stones to enjoy the therapeutic benefits and fragrance all day.

Materials: Lava stones, blue sponge quartz, sterling silver bead, clear stretch cord

Bead measurements: approx. 6mm and 8mm

Bracelet size: bracelets are made to fit an average medium sized wrist (approx 18cm). Please leave a note if you would like the bracelet to be made into a smaller or larger size.